Choosing the Best Web Hosting Solution, Without Compromising On SEO

The real question is not whether to think about SEO, but how early to take it into consideration. Most small businesses and individuals wouldn’t consider website hosting to be a factor in SEO at all, and in some ways they would be right. You won’t find Web hosts bragging about their great options for SEO, and no hosting package can guarantee you a boost in the rankings, but choosing the wrong one could have seriously negative consequences.

There is a lot to think about when building a website and, for many, the end game is always going to be achieving great SEO. Search engine optimization is key in driving traffic toward your website and attracting new visitors. Whether your website is a blog looking for new readers, or an e Commerce store hoping to find customers, everyone wants to be visible to as many people as possible.

But the truth is, the average browser will only look at the first page of search engine results before making a choice about which website to visit, so boosting your ranking on the World Wide Web is crucial.

Here are some of the important factors to consider when choosing your web hosting solution.


Website speed can negatively affect your SEO. Google admitted long ago that a slow loading website will drop you in the rankings, making your website less easy to find, even if people are using the right keywords to search. If your website hosts do not have sufficient resources for the amount of sites they host, the server can become extremely slow. Hosting companies will usually provide information such as how many sites they limit to one server, whether they have their own data-centers, and what the server specifications are, so be sure to compare before you make a final decision.

If the coding on your website is up to scratch, and you are sure that it is optimized as well as it can be, yet you are still receiving slow load times, you should be entitled to ask your hosting service if they can move you to a server with fewer websites, which is bound to help increase speed.


It is inevitable that all websites will sometimes experience what is known as ‘downtime’ where the website is inaccessible due to problems with the server it is hosted on. We’ve all experienced even the most popular of websites asking us to try reloading the page, or to come back later. However, if a search engine finds your website to be experiencing more than the expected downtime per month, not only will you be losing traffic, they will mark you as a risky sell, and immediately drop you in the search rankings, so as not to lose their own legitimacy by suggesting websites which are unreliable. Do your research on a website like top10bestwebsitehosting and make sure the Web hosts experience as little downtime as possible. Remember, even with 99 percent uptime, your website will still be inaccessible for up to seven hours a month.

Location and Security

A hosting provider is responsible for the security of the websites on its servers. If your website hosts have not taken the necessary precautions, you could well end up with a hacked website, or one infected with malware. Make sure you research the security measures of the web hosting solutions you are choosing between.

It is also worth considering if you are using a shared server, or a dedicated one. While a shared server is often the most cost-effective, you should keep in mind that if another of the websites sharing your IP address is found to be breaching security, all traffic to the IP address may be blocked, which will result in your website being unavailable too. More recently, search engines like Google have developed tools to help prevent this kind of domino effect, but it is still something to keep in mind. Another small consideration is the location of the server. While it is of course possible to have a well-ranked page in the U.S. if your website is hosted elsewhere, it is easier to do this with a more local website host. Neither of these factors have been shown to have a large effect on SEO however.

While a hosting service cannot do anything to actively boost your search rankings, it is clear that choosing the wrong one can negatively affect your SEO, which causes a ripple effect on your brand itself. Make sure to ask the right questions about speed, security and availability before making your final decision.

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