Don’t Let Your E-mail Marketing Die

Just because all-things social media is quickly becoming the new marketing strategy for many companies doesn’t mean e-mail marketing has gone the way of the dinosaurs.

That’s right, e-mail marketing is still a great way for your company to reach out to customers and get the word out about all the products and services you have to offer.

With inbox outreach in mind, here are just a few reasons why your company should keep e-mail marketing in the budget for 2014:

First Things First: Some E-mail Marketing Statistics

Statistically speaking, e-mail marketing shapes up better for your company’s campaigning efforts. How so?

Well, according to the technology market research firm The Radicati Group, there are more than 3.5 billion active e-mail accounts worldwide. And, roughly 91 percent of those accounts are checked each and every day.

With numbers like this, it’s no wonder e-mail is an effective marketing tool.

Speaking of effective marketing, a massive audience isn’t the only thing e-mail has going for it….

E-mail Quality Always Beats Social Quantity

Simply put, e-mail marketing offers your company the opportunity to put quality ahead of the quantity that seems to plague many social campaigns. Because you can target specific customer groups through e-mail marketing, your company can take a personal approach to its marketing standards.

Sure, social sites like Facebook have millions of users, but for every one social media follower, there are thousands of e-mail users.

So, not only can your company reach more customers via e-mail marketing, it can reach them on a personal level, which is something that’s lost on overwhelming, information-heavy social sites.

Personal Touch Goes a Long Way

Speaking of the personal level of customer outreach, when customers feel like your marketing is speaking directly to them, it results in the almighty click-through.

As long as your company targets the right customers with its specific marketing campaigns, an inbox is a more viable marketing avenue than overrun social sites or webpage advertising.

E-mail is Cheaper than Other Marketing Practices

When you add up the amount of work and time that goes into formulating and implementing a social media marketing campaign, the costs could quickly exceed your company’s budget.

So don’t make these online budget mistakes when it comes to your company’s marketing efforts. Instead, concentrate your marketing efforts on tried and tested e-mail marketing.

There’s nothing wrong with delving into social media marketing, but hiring a social media guru, running analytics and keeping up with numerous social accounts doesn’t come close to the ROI that a simple, well-constructed e-mail provides.

E-mail marketing isn’t a cost-free customer outreach alternative, but it’s definitely the cheaper, more effective one.

Inboxes Grab More Attention than Posts

To hammer the personal approach even deeper into your marketing conscious, it’s important to remember that a customer’s inbox is their sacred ground whereas social sites and other forms of online marketing are more like a field of cluttered post-it notes.

If you want your marketing efforts to come off as cluttered post-it notes, then by all means keep posting and tweeting away.

But, if you want your marketing to find itself on sacred ground, then e-mail is the way to go. It’s personal, it’s to the point, and your company’s e-mail will definitely stand out in your customers’ competition-free inboxes.

E-mail Begs for Action

There are two schools of thought when it comes to e-mails: they’re either a welcome presence in your customers’ inboxes or they’re an annoyance. Luckily, both scenarios require action from the customer.

Of course you don’t want your e-mail marketing to become annoying and find itself in the trash folder, but if you put quality first with your e-mail campaigns, then you’ll likely become a welcome presence in your customers’ inboxes. And, a welcome presence leads to regular click-throughs and a steady return on investment for your e-mail marketing endeavors.

Remember, if you let your company’s e-mail marketing die, then you’ll miss out on all the exciting benefits above.

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