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Free Web Hosting for NPO’s

CT Web Hosting is committed giving back to the community.

At CT Web Hosting we strongly believe in giving back to the community and to the greater good. In response to this believe, CT Web Hosting is proud to announce that we now offer free web hosting and e-mail hosting to all Non Profit Organisation (NPO’s).

CT Web Hosting provides one year of completely FREE Website Hosting on CT Web Hosting Premuim Hosting Plan to all qualifying non-profits that are selected by Snowball management. This Free web hosting plan is perfect for free open source software like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

If you know of any organisation that may benefit from this offer, we ask that you refer them to our website so that we may extend this offer to them.

CT Web Hosting is most interested in serving Section 21, non-profit organisations and other charitable organisations that wants to improve their communities and the welfare of others.

How it Works:

If your organisation qualifies you can simply contact us we will only take 10 min of you time. Once your application has been received, CT Web Hosting managements will evaluate and notify you if your application was approved.

Qualifying Causes and Organisations must:

* be a registered Non profit organisation
* be non-political in nature
* provide a letter which outlines your services and how this offer may benefit your organisation.
* provide written agreement to include the words “web hosting provided by CT Web Hosting” for the entire duration in which the services of CT Web Hosting are utilized on all printed and digital media.

Including but not limited to :

* All e-mail signatures.
* All printed media including advertisements & media releases.
* All web pages contained within your website.
* All electronic and printed presentations

If your organisation do not already own your own domain name a free .org.za domain can be registered. Proof will be required that of either a section 21 certificate of registration, a letter from the South African Revenue Service to this effect, or such other proof that the administrator of ORG.ZA in its discretion deems to be sufficient proof of non-profit status.

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